Payroll Quick Review



  • The review will help avoid wasted time and money fixing payroll errors.

  • To know that your church is compliant in their payroll procedures will give you peace of mind

  • IRS records show that 40% of small to medium sized employers incur an average penalty of $845 each year due to payroll issues.

  • In our experience, 90% of church payrolls would not pass an IRS audit. Our Church Payroll Quick Review is a way to protect church bookkeepers and board members who can be held personally liable for penalties and interest.


The goal of a Payroll Quick Review is to ensure proper payroll and compliance with IRS and state payroll laws.

Our review will help…

  • Find mistakes in payroll

  • Help identify tax savings strategies

  • Instill confidence that your church would pass an IRS payroll audit

  • Protect church bookkeepers and board members from being held liable for taxes and penalties due.

Business Manager

Services Include

  • Our specialized accountants will review

    • Documentation required by IRS and state auditors

    • Current church payroll software setup

    • Federal and state payroll tax returns

    • Church pay packages

  • The review will include a follow-up discussion on the items found as well as a discussion on options going forward.