PowerChurch Quick Review

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  • Our experts provide guidance
  • The review opens communication within the church                  
  • Our service can help save church and employee money to be used in spreading ministry
  • To know that your church is practicing their accounting procedures correctly will give you a peace of mind
  • Audits are very expensive!  Our Procedural Church Review is a cost-saving alternative to protect your congregation and ministry


The goal of a Procedural Church Review is to create a culture following proper accounting procedures and biblical stewardship.

Proper Accounting Procedures

  • Good church management
  • A well-equipped staff
  • Effective communication


  • Budgeting with a purpose
  • Reporting with integrity
  • Planning for future growth
Business Manager

Services Include

  • One-on-one interviews with key personnel
  • Review of documents
  • Individual pay package guidance
  • Comprehensive report findings
    • Financial metrics
    • Fraud risk factors
  • Meeting with board & congregation
  • At your church or at our office

Payroll Quick Review