Church Management Software: Tips on Group and Detail Accounts in PowerChurch Chart of Accounts  Proper set up of the chart of accounts is crucial for a solid accounting foundation. Understanding levels, groups, and details helps you create a strong chart of account numbering system in PowerChurch online and desktop versions.  |  217-877-6766

According to ChurchTech Today, PowerChurch Is A Leading Church Management Software Program.  Purchasing accounting or bookkeeping software for your church requires research and consideration of the church's needs.  This decision effects financial reports and membership tracking among other important aspects.  For more information on how to carefully select church management software, contact Kathy Holt. | 217-877-6766

Small Church Accounting Software: How to Use Debits and Credits  Debits and Credits compose all accounting entries, even if you do not see it happening in your accounting software.  A basic understanding of debits and credits is invaluable to any bookkeeper. Helpful tip for the banking side of an entry:  Debit the banking for deposits, credit the banking for checks (Debit – deposit; Credit – Check). | 217-877-6766

How To Update Federal and State Payroll Withholding Tax Table Annually in PowerChurch Software  Do you update the payroll tax tables in PowerChurch each year? PowerChurch does not automatically update these state and federal employee withholding tables each year.  |  217-877-6766

PowerChurch Software Specialist: Does The Church Have To Produce Contribution Statement For Givers?  Thinking about not sending giving statements out this year? Does the IRS require churches to send statements? Before you decide printing and mailing giving statements are too much work, you should consider a few points. Contributions statements serve several purposes.  |  217-877-6766

PowerChurch Online and Desktop Versions: Frustrated By Not Being Able To Post Transactions When should you close an accounting month in PowerChurch? It may be time if you are unable to post an entry. However, once closed, a month cannot be re-opened. | 217-877-6766

PowerChurch Software Trainer:How to Print your Church's Annual Contributions Statements in PowerChurch Plus PowerChurch Plus lets you easily print monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution statements for just one member or all attendees. Besides providing documentation for income tax preparation, producing giving statements is another source of contact with visitors, occasional attendees or regular members. | 217-877-6766

Church CPA: What is the Fair Rental Value Limitation for Clergy Housing Allowance 217-877-6766 |

Let Kathy Holt assist you with PowerChurch Support!  As a partner of Stewardship Resources, Kathy knows how church accounting works and can customize it to your needs. Contact us today! | 217-877-6766

PowerChurch Plus Was Designed With Small To Medium-Sized Churches In Mind.  Choosing the right accounting, membership, and contribution software for your church is important!  If your church has several designated or restricted funds, a fund accounting software, such as PowerChurch Plus, can be set up to keep track of each designated fund.  | 217-877-6766


PowerChurch Plus Training: What Are The Requirements Of An Accountable Plan? We recommend you setup a written plan for reimbursing employees, including pastors, for business expenses even though it may not be technically required by the IRS. This helps avoid confusion and conflicts regarding these reimbursements. | 217-877-6766

PowerChurch Training: The Difference Between Accountable and Non-accountable reimbursement plans.  Find out the difference between these two plans.  |  217-877-6766

PowerChurch Training: If A Church Member Gives A Gift To The Pastor, Is It Taxable Income? Is a gift from the member to the pastor taxable income to the pastor? The IRS looks at the relationship between the pastor and that member.  |  217-877-6766

Learn How To Setup Passwords in PowerChurch Plus  Once passwords are enabled, PowerChurch journal entries will record the user who posted those entries as well as the date when the entries were actually posted.  |  217-877-6766

PowerChurch Training: Is a Gift or Stipend to a Volunteer Taxable Income? Avoid cash and its equivalents (gift cards, gift certificates or prepaid credit cards) and focus on more creative low-cost options. | 217-877-6766

Who Qualifies for Clergy Housing Allowance or Minister's Housing Allowance?  Clergy housing allowance and minister housing allowance are wonderful benefits available to dual status ministers.  Dual status is a term used by the IRS to describe ministers who qualify for special tax treatment according to the IRS code.  Publication 517 is a good resource.  It discusses some of the rules and qualifications for dual status tax treatment. | 217-877-6766

Print Form 941 for Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return from PowerChurch. PowerChurch Plus software makes it easy to print the Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return. However, amounts showing on the form incorrectly may be a payroll setup issue. | 217-877-6766

Do You Have Health Insurance Benefits? Health and medical benefits are difficult to setup with all the constantly changing laws since Obamacare passed.  Health Reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements (QSEHRAs), Medical Flexible spending accounts (MedFlex), group medical insurance and individual medical insurance all have rules that have to be followed to offer these amazing tax free fringe benefits to employees.  With rising health care costs it makes sense for churches to offer different types of medical benefits to employees. | 217-877-6766

Do pastors receive both a Clergy Housing Allowance and Parsonage Allowance?  The church council determines the amount of housing allowance by utilizing past experiences with an added marginal amount. This marginal amount allows for household repairs and the replacement of appliances.

PowerChurch online and desktop versions: Understanding Levels in PowerChurch Chart of Accounts Setup  Are you are getting totals or subtotals on your reports where you do not want them? Do you need a total or subtotal where one is not currently showing? | 217-877-6766

How To Make Payroll-Related Changes In PowerChurch Plus As The New Year Begins Have you resolved to make this year the one you start right? Making payroll changes this year? Incorrect payroll setup is common. To be confident with your setup, schedule an appointment with our PowerChurch specialists. | 217-877-6766

Church Management Software: Schedule A Quick Review Of Your Small Church Accounting Software  We specialize in a variety of church accounting software to provide assistance with any issues or setup.  Our software knowledge includes both church and other programs like Church Community Builder, Shelby Systems, QuickBooks, PowerChurch Plus, Realm, ACS, EasyTithe, The City, and Peachtree by Sage. | 217-877-6766

PowerChurch Online And Desktop Versions: Can I Change My Chart Of Accounts In PowerChurch? The chart of accounts is the foundation of your accounting system. A strong chart of accounts, used correctly, produces financial reports showing a clear picture of your church’s financial state. If you are unable to produce reports providing the information needed,  it may be time to add to or change your chart of accounts. PowerChurch software is flexible enough to allow for growth and revisions to your chart of accounts setup. | 217-877-6766

Some Examples Of What Is Considered A Taxable Gift.  It is good to show appreciation to your employees, including pastors, by giving them a gift at Christmas or another appropriate time during the year.  It is important to know if the IRS will consider that gift as taxable income to the employee.  | 217-877-6766

How to Print W2s and W3 in PowerChurch Plus
Is it time to produce W-2s for the church employees? PowerChurch Plus lets you produce professional-looking documents using pre-printed Form W-2s & W-3s. Be sure to purchase the laser forms and pay attention to the directions in our easy-to-follow tutorial! Then, you can print Form W-2s like a pro! | 217-877-6766

Was The Gift Card You Gave To Your Pastor A Non-Taxable Gift?  It is good to show appreciation to your employees, including pastors, by giving them a gift at Christmas or another appropriate time during the year.  It is important to know if the IRS will consider that gift as non-taxable income to the employee. | 217-877-6766

Does Your Church Have A Well-Designed Chart Of Accounts? The Chart of Accounts will determine the information on financial reports.  The first step to planning the Chart of Accounts is to determine what information is needed.  The second step is to use that information to design the Chart of Accounts. | 217-877-6766

Find Out How Minister's Pay for Their Own Housing.   | 217-877-6766